Friday, December 18, 2015

When Life gets in the way,clean it all out.

It's been longer than I realized since I last posted.  My excuse is that I have been helping people get organized. A whole church in fact.. I am not good with the before an after photos. I've been told that would help people see what things look like and get a better idea of what being organized looks like. 
In one area we took out shelves to make a storage area in to a back stage green room.. Yes to organize the space some times less it MORE!!! The reason given was with less flat surface's less clutter 
In this case it worked out great. We took out all the shelves an took old curtain dividers and stapled them the the wall to cover the studs. No dri wall was hung in this part back stage so it left tons of nooks and crannies to put stuff. Not a good look.
Now the room has carpet squares and chairs Around the room with a round table in the corner. Looks great and serves a purpose . Most importantly no clutter .
We did put shelves in on the other side of the back stage and it still needs tweaking but has cleared up a lot of area even to store stuff in a more exsessable way. 
I guess what I'm saying being organized looks different to different people for different reasons . Each person needs to find a way to get the most use out their space.  Like in this case less was more!
 Drop me a line an I'll try to answer you questions. You can comment on this blog.
Till next post happy organizing.