Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Christmas list

The list for me works best on paper !
 But it can be on your phone or any other form of reminder you use. 
The other day my husband and made four trips around the block from one store to home to the other store. Had we made a list or at least had a planed to go from store to store we would have made better use of our time.. I have to say we where blessed and hit a lot of good deals. 
That made up for all back and forth. 
Here to making a list and checking it twice!! Merry Christmas. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas decorating early (if you are not a retail store) and thumb tacks !!!

In my hurry to get christmas decorations up this year be for traveling and company comeing in and a whole lot more that's going on in my life right now, thumb tacks where used to hold things in place.
Trouble was getting them off the board they come on or out if they needed moved for any reason.
So off to my desk ( that's where I keep all my suff ) to find the a solution to get these thumb tacks out and finish getting every thing up.
Here's what I came up with! Staple remover...... It worked great and my fingers where very happy too.
Happy decorating and hope your thanksgiving and Christmas will be blessed. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giving thanks

As thanksgiving draws closer we all want to be able to give thanks for some thing!  Well how about giving thanks for all the stuff you have. And how about being able to find all that stuff when you need it. 
Open any closet, drawer, or space and take every out of the space. 
Now lay out all the stuff you have taken out.
remember what you got it for and why.
Here is where organization comes in to this exercise ( not the toe touching exercise's) 
If you can't think what the item is for or why you need to keep it, other than just because you may need it some day. It may be time to pass it on to some one else, or even get rid of it all together. 
When you have done that step with each item in your pile. You should be left with things you are glad you have for one reson or another. Give thanks!!
Now arrange the items left back where you got it out of ! 
This has endless way to share as to how you can put things back in the space, so I'll leave that up to you. If you have any great ideas drop me a line on my blog. 
Happy thanksgiving !

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Falling leaves !

Whats to organize about falling leaves? Well if you have a yard with oaks and maples like we do, you know that the leaves can get ahead of the desire to rake them up. As I watch my husband gathering the leaves on cold days from in side our nice warm house. I notice that he has a system..
He works in sections.
 Gathering big piles
 ( which my grand daughter loves to dive into very helpful to redistribute the leaves back around the yard. ) 
He has a few ways of getting rid of those leaves. 
   *You can bag the leaves. Than put all the bags to the curb for pick up. 
They sale the bags in different stores. My least favorite thing. 
    * You can mulch the leaves an put the mulch around the yard in flower beads for the winter, or in a big mulch pile to keep and have good soil as you turn the leaves over and over. I like this way.
 No cost for bags every year and it can be fun to feed the leaves in the mulcher.
    *Another fun way you don't have to gather the leaves. 
       Some tractors have mulcher attachments this is real fun driving around on the tractor picking up leaves. The only real hard work is dumping the tractors mulcher bag either in to leaf bags for pick up or on the much pile I mentioned before. 
Any way you choose to pick up your leaves the more trees you have the more work you will have. 
So to make it fun find some one to do the job with a kid will work. It may take much longer but you will see the real reason those piles of leaves are for. So dive in an enjoy the colors of the falling leaves. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hair brush holder

How many of you have more than one hair brush? Ok, now how many of you have more than one tooth brush in your bath room ( ok not just your own tooth brush ) ? So what does one have to do with the other? And how can it help organization things in your bath room?

They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. 
Yes this is a tooth brush holder that I really liked, except when it came time to clean it out. Yes I clean the bottom of the tooth brush holder. 
After a few times though I put my cute and heavy stone holder aside I did not want to part with it. One day while sorting out stuff I came across my tooth brush holder and one thing lead to another. Igot a new hair brush holder. No cleaning out the bottom needed. It is heavy so it won't tip over its made of stone. I like to reinvent uses for things that I like. Hope this idea gives you an idea to transform something around your house. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The ah where does one start.. Well you need a destination. Mine is a wedding with a grandma stop as a side note! Ok any one who is a grandma knows the real reason. I do enjoy my son and his wife and friends we have there so all in all its a win win trip for me.
So how to you get it all in including snacks. Pack light hahaha yea also another funny if you know me. But I have learned a few things along the way. Pack your favorite outfits. That way you won't be carrying around clothes that you will not wear. (I've done that a lot in the past).I got a tip from a luggage ad. Pack more bling than clothes you can change your look with jewelry. 
Go with the basic 
2or 3pants/ jeans they are more dressy these days, 2or 3shorts if the weather permits and tops i take at least one per day,more if there will be more than one event in any given day. Dress cloths if needed like a wedding This  will be so different for every one I'm cold a lot so I have sweaters even jackets even in the summer time. Now all that list should only take half your suit case the rest of the Space should be filled with toiletries. This too will be so different for every one.Yep the bath room stuff rates over clothes.. Well after three resent trips I have found this to be so true! And it leave room for the pillow..
So now you're all packed enjoy your trip.. I'm off to enjoy mine.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding organization

Wedding and organization ok you see it or do you? Probably not in the way you think. I'm not helping any one organize their wedding. Though I've helped out with my far share.   Being married in to the role as pastors wife kind of lends it self to helping others plan a wedding. Most of the time, not always. 
This is not about the organizing the wedding it self in as much as it is about the DRESS!!! No not the brides dress mine! I have two wedding coming up and I got the bright idea to pick my dress out today. Why i don't know,thought it would be a good idea. I ended up cleaning out my dress's. Yes you read right I organized dress's most of the afternoon. At least in my own private dressing room at home I know they will all fit. It was more the question when did I wear it last. How many times have I or have i not worn the dress. I am proud to say I have narrowed it down to one of the ones left in my closet. NO  I did not pick out the dress today but i did get rid of quite a few that I have not worn and a few that I Have had on to many times and its time for some one else to enjoy them. 
As with any organization tip be honest with your self. If you can't than In list the help of some one who will tell you the truth. My daughter helps me via face time. It has saved me from getting things I won't wear out side the dressing room of the store. And grtting rid of some thing that need to be passed on or even just gotten rid Of. It's that voice of reason "really you like that". Some time I go out on a limp ( when I can't get through) but I'm getting better at knowing what looks good on me. So for those of you lady's getting ready for the wedding your going to,take a look at your own closet. i bet you find some thing real nice to wear. Best of all the price will be great. Oh!! you may even find a few empty hangers hanging around too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Organizing never ends !

Hi again back to writing about getting organized 
As I sit here late at night I'm thinking about tomorrow ok well to day and all that the day will bring. 
Just pick up that paper and pen or pencil and write down what you think you need or want to do!!!!!! Now go to bed and get some sleep..
look at the list in the morning and edit it as to what really needs or you want toget done  and in what order it needs to be done in. There you got some good sleep not tossing and turning with trying to remember what you wanted to do. You have a plan or goal for the day.. 
Get ready and have a great start to a new day..