Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The ah where does one start.. Well you need a destination. Mine is a wedding with a grandma stop as a side note! Ok any one who is a grandma knows the real reason. I do enjoy my son and his wife and friends we have there so all in all its a win win trip for me.
So how to you get it all in including snacks. Pack light hahaha yea also another funny if you know me. But I have learned a few things along the way. Pack your favorite outfits. That way you won't be carrying around clothes that you will not wear. (I've done that a lot in the past).I got a tip from a luggage ad. Pack more bling than clothes you can change your look with jewelry. 
Go with the basic 
2or 3pants/ jeans they are more dressy these days, 2or 3shorts if the weather permits and tops i take at least one per day,more if there will be more than one event in any given day. Dress cloths if needed like a wedding This  will be so different for every one I'm cold a lot so I have sweaters even jackets even in the summer time. Now all that list should only take half your suit case the rest of the Space should be filled with toiletries. This too will be so different for every one.Yep the bath room stuff rates over clothes.. Well after three resent trips I have found this to be so true! And it leave room for the pillow..
So now you're all packed enjoy your trip.. I'm off to enjoy mine.

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