Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding organization

Wedding and organization ok you see it or do you? Probably not in the way you think. I'm not helping any one organize their wedding. Though I've helped out with my far share.   Being married in to the role as pastors wife kind of lends it self to helping others plan a wedding. Most of the time, not always. 
This is not about the organizing the wedding it self in as much as it is about the DRESS!!! No not the brides dress mine! I have two wedding coming up and I got the bright idea to pick my dress out today. Why i don't know,thought it would be a good idea. I ended up cleaning out my dress's. Yes you read right I organized dress's most of the afternoon. At least in my own private dressing room at home I know they will all fit. It was more the question when did I wear it last. How many times have I or have i not worn the dress. I am proud to say I have narrowed it down to one of the ones left in my closet. NO  I did not pick out the dress today but i did get rid of quite a few that I have not worn and a few that I Have had on to many times and its time for some one else to enjoy them. 
As with any organization tip be honest with your self. If you can't than In list the help of some one who will tell you the truth. My daughter helps me via face time. It has saved me from getting things I won't wear out side the dressing room of the store. And grtting rid of some thing that need to be passed on or even just gotten rid Of. It's that voice of reason "really you like that". Some time I go out on a limp ( when I can't get through) but I'm getting better at knowing what looks good on me. So for those of you lady's getting ready for the wedding your going to,take a look at your own closet. i bet you find some thing real nice to wear. Best of all the price will be great. Oh!! you may even find a few empty hangers hanging around too.

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