Sunday, January 8, 2017

Puzzle pieces

We all some kind of soap and shampoo in the bathroom shower. Ladies if your are like me you do not always have the same shampoo and soap containers.My husband on the other hand does. So his side of the shelf is easy to keep up. Mine is always trial and error to get it all to fit. For instance I just changed my shampoo but when I went to put it away nothing fit. So I took everything out of the basket and rearranged it and than it all fit. All it takes is moving the shapes to fit the space. Kind of a round whole square peg effort.. There is no right or wrong cause each space is different. You have to just keep rearranging till it fits! I will say those big Sam's club bottles won't fit any where the best thing to do with them  is to save a smaller container just refill it. You can store away the big bulky container with other bathroom supplies. Be creative in what you use.
 We also got new toothbrushes an they did not fit what I had been using before. Though I will keep it as I do change toothbrushes more often. I like the old tooth brush container so I cleaned it up and stored it away it worth keeping to me. But the new container had to fit the big bulky bottom of two toothbrush's simple. For real we did this picked up the two tooth brushes and a tube of toothpaste just in case!!! I found a container in the office supplies I liked and others here and there till we ended up in a row of bathroom containers we tried each one I liked out with the brushes ( had to be a little creative)
as they where still in the plastic wrap. But we got it to work enough to choose a stone box, with a lid that I don't need but will use as a pedistal for a figurine I have in the bathroom. The only thing in common to my original holder is they both are stone. But it looks ok and it fit the job it needed to do.  
Happy puzzle solving!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas clean up 🎄

Happy new year 
As i get all the Christmas decorations gathered up to pack up I'm finding that I need to sort out some stuff this year. 
It's kind of like the clothes. Buy if you haven't used it in a few Christmas 🎄 I'm guessing your not going to. With our move to Ga. I have  had to get rid of some lights that would not light an now I'm seeing that there was some things left over that never made a showing. Time to go! Yep get out the sorting boxes 📦 keep,sell, giveaway, an the all famous throw away. Hopefully my tomorrow or Wednesday this crazy mess will be packed away till next year. Believe me there is a system to all the piles you see here. From lights to ornaments it's ready for me to did in. Now I just have to carve out a few hours to do the next step. Weeding out. Last step will be to pack it up and put it away.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What I wear most ! How to find out at a glance.

Hello, it has been a while. No excuse life is just busy at times . But here is a organization tip that  you might light.. With spring well under way and the weather ranging from rain to hot and every thing in between it is hard to know what to wear.
If you have been following me all along you know by now that I have one wardrobe only . It has all lengths of tops and shorts and pants all in the same space . I like it that way as I tend to get cold in A/C more so than just plan winter cold . The only thing you will find in the back of my closet at this time is my heavy winter coat as I now live in Ga and really have no need for it here.
When you wear some thing  and wash it and put it away rotate it to the back of the section (meaning to the far end (right or left )(front or back) is up to you ) this will let you see at a glance what you wear most. Now think about getting rid of what you are not wearing, yes at any time not just at the beginning or end of season change. One styles change Two your body may change (not to much I hope)Three the clothes just are old and time to get rid of them..
With this method in short time I realized I had clothes I was keeping just because , may be the size  was the smallest I have ever worn or may be just really liked it in the drawer. or may be it is so old that black is even see through (not good).
Any of these reasons are good enough to get rid of  said item and move on. If you have plenty of clothes than enjoy a little more space in your closet. Clothes like to breath meaning if they are crammed  in they will always look messy and wrinkled. But if they have room to hang freely they will look fresh and neat.
Happy sorting ....

Friday, December 18, 2015

When Life gets in the way,clean it all out.

It's been longer than I realized since I last posted.  My excuse is that I have been helping people get organized. A whole church in fact.. I am not good with the before an after photos. I've been told that would help people see what things look like and get a better idea of what being organized looks like. 
In one area we took out shelves to make a storage area in to a back stage green room.. Yes to organize the space some times less it MORE!!! The reason given was with less flat surface's less clutter 
In this case it worked out great. We took out all the shelves an took old curtain dividers and stapled them the the wall to cover the studs. No dri wall was hung in this part back stage so it left tons of nooks and crannies to put stuff. Not a good look.
Now the room has carpet squares and chairs Around the room with a round table in the corner. Looks great and serves a purpose . Most importantly no clutter .
We did put shelves in on the other side of the back stage and it still needs tweaking but has cleared up a lot of area even to store stuff in a more exsessable way. 
I guess what I'm saying being organized looks different to different people for different reasons . Each person needs to find a way to get the most use out their space.  Like in this case less was more!
 Drop me a line an I'll try to answer you questions. You can comment on this blog.
Till next post happy organizing.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Here's some thing I don't think about to much. But I have recently moved and
wanted to up date my paper trail; we all have one . That is assuming that you have Internet, face book . All of those things leave a foot print some where which in turns leave a paper trail. You need to go through your computer an purge out programs files and  stored information that you do not need any more. We all have a bigger paper trail at home too.
With my recent move I have changed up different documents and canceled others all of which I ask for paper confirmation. There are some things that just get canceled because I don't live in that city any more.
In this cleaning out of files helps make room for what you need on a day to day basics as well keeps records in order and easy to get to when needed.
If you don't already have one you need some kind of file cabinet, folders and if you want sub folders . Pens and markers.  I have one big one pocket kind then I keep same topics in it .
e.g.: like all credit cards or all different bank accounts so you can get to the one file you want with out taking them all out yet they are all in one place if you need them all too.
You have your cabinet your folders you like an meet your needs ; now we need to sort out your files. Any thing that is 7 years or older *other than tax returns and all related to the tax return* you should burn. YOU can shred it too if that is easier. Burning make sure that it cant be found in any way in the garbage.
sort by every day an yearly and by just need to keep on file
you need to mark the folders with what you is going to be in it and put it in the file cabinet in a order that you under stand .. make sure some one other than you can figure out your system just incase. it is simple work but takes time to go through every thing. it is worth it in the end.
every day is monthly bills
yearly could be insurances or subscription's
just keep on file would be the deed to your house or car papers any thing that you proves you own some thing.. Wills, medical records of your last wishes.
I wont lie this is a  job that needs your attention on a yearly basics and needs to be kept up neat as well in a safe place . you never know when some one other than your self will need to get a hold of your paper work to help you out.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The long weekend

When you think of that last getaway this month think light.
 My example is for a hot weather getaway.
A 6 day get away 2 of those days travel days. 
Find a fun getaway bag nothing to big. 
Here is a tip just pack 2 shorts an 4 tops that are interchangeable so you can have more combinations if you want different outfits on the same day. 
The travel days you can wear the same out if you just wear it for travel. 
(If you can't just plan to pack a second travel out fit)
 Try to pick the a pair of shoe that you that you can wear with all the out fits..
 Lady's if you can't do one pair of shoes try to keep it to two pairs. 
You can try an use trial size bathroom supply's an go light on the Make up 
A waterproof mascara will pop your eyes..
Good moisturizer adds that glow to  your skin.
Have a fun trip. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

For women only !

Makeup !! 
We use it ,we buy tons of it and don't use most of it . So how do we get organized in this area ? Well the system is still the same; sort it out in keep,toss, and give away! In this case I would only give away unopened stuff.. Most make up doesn't expire unless it has sunscreen in it. All old open make up should be tossed !! I have been told a three month life spand but it doesn't expire!?! This where I get in trouble "it's still has a lot left in " it but I can't remember how long it's been since I bought the stuff. My best one is it's been so long they've discontinued the product any way. Through it out. Purge!!!! 
Sort it out as to face cleaning and moisturizing products. And makeup. Simply stick to basic. Find  a good safe product that cleans an  find a good moisture. Lady's there are countless other products that do this and that, streamline to what you really need from what you are told you need . No matter how good or bad our skin is ; putting to much product on our skin over and over again can't be that good. 
(disclaimer this is just what works for me ) less is best ! I tend to keep up with keeping my face clean if I don't have to go through a ton a steps to do it. Make up is to enhance the beauty we all have. Stick with colors that look good on you,don't buy the latest and greatest it may not be a good look on you . Get help from a friend or someOne who is not trying to sell you some thing, but really wants to see you look your best too. I will not say what to keep as far as make up. That is so individual no two make up bags should be the same. I know some who can get by with just lipstick others the bag is more like a train case. And all the ones I between. I m somewhere in between for sure but in the summer I tend to lean more towards just lipstick haha.
Storing the stuff I find for me a basket in a drawer or cabinet works best. That way everything is at my fingertips. I keep what I use cleaning to make up all in the same place but in their own separate basket cause in the morning you normally wash your face and apply your makeup and at night it's normal to just wash your face. It's all in one place easy to get at but you just use what you need at the time of day it is. If you are in to make up bags clear plastic allows you to see everything with out having to dig for it. Find what works for you , you may have to try a couple of different ways till it flows and you get in to a good routine. Here's to all that make up we don't need because we find at the end of this less really is more and we find the beauty we knew was there just under all that extra product!