Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It has been a very busy time and I have found a minute to catch up on my packing list. I ended up with about 100 boxes. The trick to packing is sort before it goes in but if your not sure you can do a trick buy packing up the things you use all the time and what is left is marked misc. which means for me I need to go through it and if it fits in the new house than put it away if not "good will " it go to...
Here is a good tip for lamps!
I liked how the lamps went this trip I had a tall box an each lamp was wrapped in paper or what ever you have on hand than set in the box. Many lamps made it in one box. Well that is the end of packing next time will be loading the truck.. Merry Christmas Eve 
I will be back in a few days to finish the trip for you. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ON THE MOVE: one step at a time

As I have been working on packing my house to move , there have been many steps. All the sorting seems to never end. We have not sold the house yet that has been the main problem in that I need to keep some things out to live but at the same time I need to just get moved. 
In this case if you have ever been in this same situation, I think the best thing to do is to pack for a long trip ( with a little extra clothes) than pack the rest and live with the bare essentials . What you want sold just sell,what you want to give away just do it. Throw away what you want to. It's hard but it is best in the end. Trusting my house sells very soon. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

ON THE MOVE : Spacing be aware !!!!

Hi again ! 
It has been a busy time with sorting and clearing out things that I like an wanted to move but don't have the space for..... This is hard as its good stuff but when you move what worked in one space may not in another home. No matter how you try it won't fit. 
I had to lose my out door furniture because of this reason. I held out till this week. But had to put every thing on the chopping block finally. Same with my big bulky living room set.

Ways to know you should not move some thing. 
1. measure the new space, if it's smaller than the old space " the item will NOT fit" 
no amount of I'll  find a place for it will work. Sell or give it away.

2. style  I've been in warmer climate And colder climate..let's face it they are totally different. big and bold and boxy will look out of place in a open airy room. Don't keep a peice that doesn't fit the style of the new house no matter how much you like it. Pass it on to some one who loves the piece as much as you do it will get used an you know it went to a good home. 

3. Junk look around some stuff needs to be retired. So recycling is a good way to get some cash an keep stuff out of the land fill. Check your local area for locations you can take your junk to. 

This list is end less but I think you get the idea know what you have, know what you are going too. Than make smart choices as to what you should move and not move. 
For those of you counting with me we are at 50 boxes and counting ; no where near done but now that the must move and must get rid of is finally sorted out time to move forward with the packing. 
Till next time.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

On the move: Pictures

As I go from room to room some days it seems like best to just sell it all and start fresh.. In some rooms I will be doing that in. BUT pictures that's another story. I try not to look at them when I pack. Yes even " Get organized with Kim " does not look at pictures to sort them. I don't because packing up a house takes time. Some times your not in a rush and can go through your things at your leasuer and other times it a move you really just need to get it packed up and moved out. I want to just get it moved. I got  stoped by my wedding album though, I have not looked at in a while so I sat and took the  time to walk down memory lane. Ok that's my point. In a move time is organized too. If you have the time to sort through the photos by all means go ahead and get rid of the ones you don't want. But for the most part I have not met to many people that want to throw photos a way. So unless they are some one else's photos, save your self time and just pack them up for now save looking at them for later with family to make new memories laughing an remembering! when packing photos pack like things together,by that I mean put picture in frames of similar shape and size together in a clean fresh box. Pack with baby blankets or towels. They keep the glass protected an its a clean useful packing material that you just fold up and put away at the other end of the move. Lose pictures pack together as they will not damage each other if layered. Remember that old box of photos at grandmas house or any ones house? Well for some reason as long as you don't mistreat the box your photos should be ok. Again pack them in a clean fresh box. Save that old box for shoes. Humm guess I should head to the next closet with the shoes in it. Two more boxes packed. 7 all total for today. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

ON THE MOVE : back saver tip

As a person who likes to move stuff around a lot I have mover pads in all shapes and sizes. 
Today I found that I can get the heavier boxes moved with out having to wait on someone stronger. 
You just tilt the box to one side slide in two movers let the box down on the movers and you can 
Slide your box to where you want it. 
Two more boxes packed. I think I'll take a lunch break. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On the move:Ten boxes and counting

With the books starting to find their way into boxes I can see my book shelves now. Maybe the people wanting to buy my house can see them now. Next on my to do list is declutter the closets.. 
I need some pick me up to day the gray sky seems to sap my energy. Even though a rainy day is a good day for inside packing. 
Repeating the process sort out the stuff to keep, get rid of , give away!  Here I go 7 closets to clean out. They are not that full I just need to get up and do it. 
Boxes /check 
Garbage bags/check 
Happy sorting to me. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the move : BOOKS !!!

Well I have gotten started and even up to three boxes. Today I hope to get some books in to boxes.  I use to find the biggest box and try to fit all my books in to it. My movers where never happy with me. So I've learned a small box is better. Makes every one happy. 
Organization tip on books : don't use big boxes they will get heavy real fast. Small sturdy boxes that are ment for books from your mover or ones that had heavy cleaning products in them from a local stores will be better. I better get started I have a lot of books.. Got the small boxes. Check! Here are some of the books to pack . Check! Now I'm ready to go. Off for some more packing .