Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time flys but to much stuff can weigh you down

Hi every one that still reads this. I'm back with another idea!  About organization of course, and this may be a little long too.
 My husband and I have been busy and it just doesn't seem like I have time to do all I want, like write little quips for my blog on a timely manner or any other fun hobby I have. Jewelry making , making keys chains, sewing, knitting; to name a few. there are others I would like to try even like lock smith.
 I have tons of others but ill keep it to the point.
You have read about how to sort and clean out all kinds of stuff over the years. I even have pictures saved that go to a how to clean up after Christmas and make it fit.. since we usually get some kind of new thing at Christmas to decorate with. I will tackle that later. OK moving on.
TIME how do I organize time!!! I don't buy it, cant make it, cant even keep up with some days.
Well I have an idea less stuff will help in some ways. though sorting out is not the base for today's topic, it has a place which we won't touch on quite yet.
You wake up and have things to do in your day right. Well when your semi retired and not always having to getting up. To not have to do any thing can be fun and unproductive. And it can be just plan unmotivating and frankly unstimulating. I found I was getting nothing done and or not doing any thing.
Solution time in boxes, OK not literal boxes but blocks of time to do things in and than move on to the next task to do. I either do it the night before or in the morning after devotions and quick peek out on the deck of what the weather is like. (side note weather channels are fine but it is what it is when you go out side in that moment. just me!!!)  note to self weather is important as to do something out side or inside. I make a to do list like a honey do list you give your hubby but for me and not  him. I put every thing on the list that I want to do, it could be a dream or a needed getter done kind of thing. When the list is made I block it off in to time slots how long it will take to do something or  how much time I want to spend on it. From there I separate the have to do this today like pay bills, wash clothes, etc.. you get the idea every ones list will look different. I ALWAYS PUT SOMETHING FUN ON THE LIST even if its sit in the sun for a minute. Than on to the time part, I think it, write it, or even set a timer to keep me to the time I've set for each task. YOU know what works for you. Some thing I've done in the past but got away from. Now I am able to get back to some hobbies I  missed doing and even have that time to sit and just soak in the day. I feel good about me and like I said the list will look different for ever person out there.
Now for the stuff part, like I said I have written a lot about sorting cleaning out and with all that some times I still think I need to weed out more.
It comes down to going through the stuff you like and keeping what you love.
I really like giving things to people that I know will like or love what I'm giving up. Not always the case so there is good will to share with.
I have not done so well on this so I will keep you up dated as to how I'm doing in this area in 2017... lets just say I'm taking my own advice and starting small like the side tables in our bed room. Easy on my husbands side like 10 things there. We use and need check. More next week on my side table !!!! hoping to get it down to seeing the bottom of the drawers. till next week.
Good to be back and as always happy organizing !

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