Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Getting started! But how?

Good morning 
It's been a while. I can't seem to get it organized,yes some one who loves to be organized and to organize can't seem to get a Balance on this column. I started out writing to often and I felt it was repetitious. Than I was writing not enough, than not at all. I really enjoy this but need your help ! If you could send questions for me to answer,how to's that would be great, than I wouldn't feel like I was just repeating myself. 
Here's one for us oldes .... You've done all the cleaning out you can do, you have everything in its place..
Now what? Have you ever thought of changing it up a bit.  Yes that furniture has been that way now for um well you get the idea. 
Get help if you need. I found little sliders they go under the legs of furniture or edges ( for things without legs lol) they are great.I can move my entire hutch by myself fully loaded with my China set and nic nacs. Not to long ago we filped two guests bedrooms.the wow factor it caused. All I did was switch a bed and a sleeper couch.  But than with in each room moved things around. It was like it gave me a whole new living space. So some times the way it always was is not the best and sometimes it's not the only way the furniture can go in a room. Look out side the box today it will really give you a boost.
It will feel like a fresh new room .

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