Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Good finish to the old year !

Hello on this crisp cold Georgia morning. Yes it gets cold in Ga. for all my northern friends!
Its the end of a another year and time to pack up the Christmas decorations and start fresh. Like most things I do,  I try and find the most efficient way to do it. This year is no different . I did get a new house for my village so I  will have to get that packed in with all the other stuff.
Here is to the sorting and getting every thing ready to pack up. But that is not my number one project this year. No !  I will be taking Christmas down soon, but this year my focus is on a little area that I'm really not organized in at all and want to be.. I just need to sit down and do it or at the least get help doing it till it is done!!!!
This year my first project of the new year is to get all my photos backed up and erased those that I want or don't want . To get me started I asked for Christmas a expansion stick or zip drive or one of those things that stores info in a very tiny stick like gadget. The Goal is to get all photos sorted and labeled before next year end. That is way I'm starting before the new year.
I might start by erasing all photos I do not want at all ...
Now that I have the thing I need to store picture's, I next need to load them on it.
After that process I need to sort them in to files or folders finding each device labels it differently.
From there I should have a neat new way to look at my picture's. After the pictures I want to get my whole computer more organized in a way that it makes it easier to use and understand how to use. I will be needing it more in the new year if I get on the ball .
To all a wonderful new year of memories!!!

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