Saturday, March 10, 2018

Family memories

Hello fellow organizers.  
Today I want to share about finding your way out from your families memories, that find there way to your house in the form of stuff and not just memories.
I had the privilege of helping a friend find her home under years no decades of her family's things.  
There where so many beautiful things. Ceramic  pieces, art work, nic nacks, old furniture, etc... 
You get the idea. We started small with her fathers desk emptied it and than returned only what she was going to need. Like always the rules of organization apply sort, keep, throw away, and give away applied. My friend added a real unique idea. She has a consignment spot where she has been taking the bigger things we weed out. I love this idea, you can make some additional money with out the prep of a garage sale! Yeah!!!  As I get older garage sales are fun to go to but not fun to set up. 
Back to topic at hand. As we sorted we found wonderful things ,but just because they are pretty or nice doesn't mean you have to keep them. In fact when something is not your style don't keep it. As we got rid of most of regular clutter, here's where we started to have to watch how we where getting rid of things. The age of some of the pieces lead us to check with antique dealers to get the true value of the pieces she wanted to sell and price them. This is much more time consuming than just cleaning out cluttered spaces,but in the end it's worth it. In fact it's really a win win for you. You get your space fresh and clean organized how it works best for you. Than you also get some pock cash when you sell off the valued unwanted items.
This was a new experience for me and I found I really enjoyed the new twist to this job.  I've know that you can sell antiques but this is the first organizational project involving that I got to be a part of.. Till my next project 
Happy organizing! Drop me a line with your questions I would love to help. 

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