Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring time drips

Hello fellow organizers.
 I have a love hate feeling with spring in areas that have four seasons. I like that it's getting warmer and that God does most of the watering for me, but the temperature still has not made up its mind. As always I lost some flowers and buds but not as many this year. I'm not good about getting up before dawn to water the frost off the plants. I have most of the smaller plants still covered lightly with pine straw. My potted plants have come back into my kitchen to take up residence till these cold night get warm again. We had an early taste of spring so they where out in the day in at night, than outside for a little while, but now just in side till warmer weather settles in. With all that moving them in and out the dripping plants can make a mess of the floor so here is a great organization tip for plants. 
Get one (or more) depends on need of plastic floor mats the snow boot kind . Get the ones that have sides And no holes, some are slated this will not do.The idea is to keep the floors dry. Plus this allows you to be able to water the plants in side while you wait for the warmer weather to break. 
Actually this is a nice idea to keep the plants on all winter long.
 If you have trouble finding the plastic floor mats another idea is to get a low sided box and place a larger garbage bag in like a liner. This should do the trick remember to keep the box covered by the plastic. Happy spring time 

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