Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Falling leaves !

Whats to organize about falling leaves? Well if you have a yard with oaks and maples like we do, you know that the leaves can get ahead of the desire to rake them up. As I watch my husband gathering the leaves on cold days from in side our nice warm house. I notice that he has a system..
He works in sections.
 Gathering big piles
 ( which my grand daughter loves to dive into very helpful to redistribute the leaves back around the yard. ) 
He has a few ways of getting rid of those leaves. 
   *You can bag the leaves. Than put all the bags to the curb for pick up. 
They sale the bags in different stores. My least favorite thing. 
    * You can mulch the leaves an put the mulch around the yard in flower beads for the winter, or in a big mulch pile to keep and have good soil as you turn the leaves over and over. I like this way.
 No cost for bags every year and it can be fun to feed the leaves in the mulcher.
    *Another fun way you don't have to gather the leaves. 
       Some tractors have mulcher attachments this is real fun driving around on the tractor picking up leaves. The only real hard work is dumping the tractors mulcher bag either in to leaf bags for pick up or on the much pile I mentioned before. 
Any way you choose to pick up your leaves the more trees you have the more work you will have. 
So to make it fun find some one to do the job with a kid will work. It may take much longer but you will see the real reason those piles of leaves are for. So dive in an enjoy the colors of the falling leaves. 

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