Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What I wear most ! How to find out at a glance.

Hello, it has been a while. No excuse life is just busy at times . But here is a organization tip that  you might light.. With spring well under way and the weather ranging from rain to hot and every thing in between it is hard to know what to wear.
If you have been following me all along you know by now that I have one wardrobe only . It has all lengths of tops and shorts and pants all in the same space . I like it that way as I tend to get cold in A/C more so than just plan winter cold . The only thing you will find in the back of my closet at this time is my heavy winter coat as I now live in Ga and really have no need for it here.
When you wear some thing  and wash it and put it away rotate it to the back of the section (meaning to the far end (right or left )(front or back) is up to you ) this will let you see at a glance what you wear most. Now think about getting rid of what you are not wearing, yes at any time not just at the beginning or end of season change. One styles change Two your body may change (not to much I hope)Three the clothes just are old and time to get rid of them..
With this method in short time I realized I had clothes I was keeping just because , may be the size  was the smallest I have ever worn or may be just really liked it in the drawer. or may be it is so old that black is even see through (not good).
Any of these reasons are good enough to get rid of  said item and move on. If you have plenty of clothes than enjoy a little more space in your closet. Clothes like to breath meaning if they are crammed  in they will always look messy and wrinkled. But if they have room to hang freely they will look fresh and neat.
Happy sorting ....