Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On the move:Ten boxes and counting

With the books starting to find their way into boxes I can see my book shelves now. Maybe the people wanting to buy my house can see them now. Next on my to do list is declutter the closets.. 
I need some pick me up to day the gray sky seems to sap my energy. Even though a rainy day is a good day for inside packing. 
Repeating the process sort out the stuff to keep, get rid of , give away!  Here I go 7 closets to clean out. They are not that full I just need to get up and do it. 
Boxes /check 
Garbage bags/check 
Happy sorting to me. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the move : BOOKS !!!

Well I have gotten started and even up to three boxes. Today I hope to get some books in to boxes.  I use to find the biggest box and try to fit all my books in to it. My movers where never happy with me. So I've learned a small box is better. Makes every one happy. 
Organization tip on books : don't use big boxes they will get heavy real fast. Small sturdy boxes that are ment for books from your mover or ones that had heavy cleaning products in them from a local stores will be better. I better get started I have a lot of books.. Got the small boxes. Check! Here are some of the books to pack . Check! Now I'm ready to go. Off for some more packing .

Monday, September 22, 2014

On the move : Box 1

When you have a whole house to pack it can be a daunting task. No different for me. There are two ways to look at it tackle the smallest room and get it done quickly or tackle the hardest room and know the rest will get easier. Today I'm in a getter done kind of mood. Master bath it is. 
This shouldn't take to long ! 
  Now I'm off to pack , let's see now what was that advice : 
sort in to keep, trash, give away piles ok here goes....

Sunday, September 21, 2014


No good reason and several hundred reasons why it's been so long since my last post. 
A Recap since March to present day. !! twins !!
Yep we are proud grandparents of six the last two being twins. I was blessed to be able to help care for them as my daughter had to go back to work. My day had to be organized to the point of knowing what time it was by the cry I heard coming from the other room. Slowly our home turned into make shift nursey with each room dedicated to different activity. Eating was the kitchen with proper baby chairs and the right number of bottle, bibs,and spoons freshly wash by pap every night. The living room was a play room and time of adventure as the twins played ,bounced ,crawled , and occasionally napped Julia an I listened to Odessy tapes for hours ..even a picnic or two  in the living room on the blanket that covered most all carpet areas from baby burps.
If we where not listening to adventures we swam with one baby in tow at a time ; both got to swim with us if we had extra help.  We had a big out doors blanket Under the shade for nap time in the out of doors. 
Bed room was nap room and changeing room. TV room well that was a little of every thing,Some days as we got more perfected in the everyday routine..this went on all summer. When the kids went home we spent the evening getting ready to do it all over the next day. No two days where the same yet there was a comfortable routine....than August came well it started  in July but by august we where helping the kids and their folks move. No sooner did we get them settled in their new home and us back home our selves; we through a series of unrelated events are moving as well. I hope to blog about how I organize my self and my hubby to get all our stuff in to our newly built home. Oh and how we get my mother organized and moved in to that newly built home too. yep a new phase in my life.. Can't wait to see what God has In store. I'm sure I will need to keep it organized along the the way. 
So though this is not my normal blog I hope you will join me for my next adventure of 
"get organized with Kim, the big move !" 
Of course my first tip to any one moving:
 is to sort your stuff in to piles what to Keep, pass on, throw away ...
I see boxes in my future.