Tuesday, February 4, 2014


If you work in a shared space at work you need to think of the others you share the space with.
Here are some tips that might help keep the peace. If you bring some thing in to the space for all to share, let others know it is for that sharing with every one. If what you bring in is not really needed or does not seem to be getting used, ask the others if they are using it or if it's just taking up space? If it's the later take it home or pass it on to some one who wants it or get rid of it. You don't want things to pile up. So it's important not to bring In things from home just to get them out of your house. Most likely no one else will clean out the space you share because you are rhe one that brought the stuff in an you should be the one to clean it out. 
If you bring things in just for your use keep in some kind of container appropriate for the space.keep it nearer to you place, that way it's not out in the open and it is also not in the way. Leaving the common area free for others to use..

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