Monday, February 17, 2014

SHARED SPACES II ( home office )

I share a desk at home with my husband. No big deal right ? Well we been married a while an I don't like to share my stuff . I've always looked at my desk as my space to do my thing ,create those big ideas,write that book about raising a family, pen a card or letter. May be crafts,well may be not so much crafts..I take up what ever space I need depending on the project at hand even the man space out in the garage. He shares his things well.  Good man !!
Oh and those all important bills need paid each month, work on the computer, long with sorting that mail,writing this blog. You get the idea. 
He on the other hand has a more basic use for the desk here at home,use the lap top which is mine when needed and any unexpected siting at a desk when he is away from his office.. 
Here is what it did to keep it the way I liked it an let my husband in to my space. You got it !
 I shared my things and no longer referred to them as mine but ours. I gave him space to put his reading glasses. 

An use of all the fun stuff on the desk.  He has to look at the way I decorate the space but he is not as attached so that's no big deal. Some times getting organized is a mind set. This sharing the desk worked because we both like to things back in there place. For the most part..

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