Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scarf over load

How many of you have several different scarf's ?  I do and I have to say I didn't wear them very often. Mainly because they where neatly folded up in the bottom of a drawer. I found a way to keep them neat, organized and easy to get to. 
I bought towel hooks, they are bigger so you can put several scarf 's on a hook. I have a few hooks so I can have the scarves organized. You can organzie by color or weight ( warm weather cold weather),or style. That is up to you an what fits your needs best.
You can place the hooks on the wall as decoration if you like to see your scarfs. You can place the hooks in your closet on the inside of the door or just in side the door on the wall. What works best for you is what will keep the scarfs organized..

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