Sunday, October 12, 2014

On the move: Pictures

As I go from room to room some days it seems like best to just sell it all and start fresh.. In some rooms I will be doing that in. BUT pictures that's another story. I try not to look at them when I pack. Yes even " Get organized with Kim " does not look at pictures to sort them. I don't because packing up a house takes time. Some times your not in a rush and can go through your things at your leasuer and other times it a move you really just need to get it packed up and moved out. I want to just get it moved. I got  stoped by my wedding album though, I have not looked at in a while so I sat and took the  time to walk down memory lane. Ok that's my point. In a move time is organized too. If you have the time to sort through the photos by all means go ahead and get rid of the ones you don't want. But for the most part I have not met to many people that want to throw photos a way. So unless they are some one else's photos, save your self time and just pack them up for now save looking at them for later with family to make new memories laughing an remembering! when packing photos pack like things together,by that I mean put picture in frames of similar shape and size together in a clean fresh box. Pack with baby blankets or towels. They keep the glass protected an its a clean useful packing material that you just fold up and put away at the other end of the move. Lose pictures pack together as they will not damage each other if layered. Remember that old box of photos at grandmas house or any ones house? Well for some reason as long as you don't mistreat the box your photos should be ok. Again pack them in a clean fresh box. Save that old box for shoes. Humm guess I should head to the next closet with the shoes in it. Two more boxes packed. 7 all total for today. 

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