Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It has been a very busy time and I have found a minute to catch up on my packing list. I ended up with about 100 boxes. The trick to packing is sort before it goes in but if your not sure you can do a trick buy packing up the things you use all the time and what is left is marked misc. which means for me I need to go through it and if it fits in the new house than put it away if not "good will " it go to...
Here is a good tip for lamps!
I liked how the lamps went this trip I had a tall box an each lamp was wrapped in paper or what ever you have on hand than set in the box. Many lamps made it in one box. Well that is the end of packing next time will be loading the truck.. Merry Christmas Eve 
I will be back in a few days to finish the trip for you. 

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