Friday, February 20, 2015

ON THE MOVE : the finish line !

Well I made it through the packing,the move, the not having a house for a little while. Here is a few tips that got me through. When packing I sorted out the things that I would not need and packed them first. Pictures, decorations, nic nacs, stuff like that. The things that I would need to set up house right away I packed so I could get to them easily . Last I packed suit cases with the things I that I would use all the time durning the transition.. 
Have to say it worked well ! We moved right before Christmas ( hard time to move if you are like me and like to decorate ) all my stuff was packed but I knew I would need to wrap gifts so when we packed our storage locker we had the gift wrapping at the door of the locker and yes I wrapped gifts at the storage locker on the floor in the cold..but it was the making of memories that will always be with me and my husband.. 
Only you can answer what you would need to make it through the transition so that's what you put in your suit cases. The same with what you need to set up a house right away as well as what you can wait to live with. 
One thing is for sure unpack every thing! than sort through the things in your new space ;what doesn't work,or fit in the space. repack and give away to some one or take to good will. I know some don't unpack a box cause of what's labeled on a box that happened to my mom and she found the dishes she was missing. My guess is that it fit in the box at the time of packing and every one thinks they will remember what they packed in every box .. May be so if you pack every box but if you have help that many not !!!! So unpack it all you will thank me in the end when you find that thingnambober doohickey that your looking for and need to make some thing work that you do want.. 
It has been a long process but a good one. Now until next time I find some thing to organize ...
Have a great day. 

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  1. It's true. Separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Not all your stuff might be worth bringing. Some deserve to be in another place, in the hands of others, or simply done with. This should also help you manage the weight of your stuff, because that can be a factor in trying to pack things properly. Good luck!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Co.