Tuesday, June 9, 2015

For women only !

Makeup !! 
We use it ,we buy tons of it and don't use most of it . So how do we get organized in this area ? Well the system is still the same; sort it out in keep,toss, and give away! In this case I would only give away unopened stuff.. Most make up doesn't expire unless it has sunscreen in it. All old open make up should be tossed !! I have been told a three month life spand but it doesn't expire!?! This where I get in trouble "it's still has a lot left in " it but I can't remember how long it's been since I bought the stuff. My best one is it's been so long they've discontinued the product any way. Through it out. Purge!!!! 
Sort it out as to face cleaning and moisturizing products. And makeup. Simply stick to basic. Find  a good safe product that cleans an  find a good moisture. Lady's there are countless other products that do this and that, streamline to what you really need from what you are told you need . No matter how good or bad our skin is ; putting to much product on our skin over and over again can't be that good. 
(disclaimer this is just what works for me ) less is best ! I tend to keep up with keeping my face clean if I don't have to go through a ton a steps to do it. Make up is to enhance the beauty we all have. Stick with colors that look good on you,don't buy the latest and greatest it may not be a good look on you . Get help from a friend or someOne who is not trying to sell you some thing, but really wants to see you look your best too. I will not say what to keep as far as make up. That is so individual no two make up bags should be the same. I know some who can get by with just lipstick others the bag is more like a train case. And all the ones I between. I m somewhere in between for sure but in the summer I tend to lean more towards just lipstick haha.
Storing the stuff I find for me a basket in a drawer or cabinet works best. That way everything is at my fingertips. I keep what I use cleaning to make up all in the same place but in their own separate basket cause in the morning you normally wash your face and apply your makeup and at night it's normal to just wash your face. It's all in one place easy to get at but you just use what you need at the time of day it is. If you are in to make up bags clear plastic allows you to see everything with out having to dig for it. Find what works for you , you may have to try a couple of different ways till it flows and you get in to a good routine. Here's to all that make up we don't need because we find at the end of this less really is more and we find the beauty we knew was there just under all that extra product! 

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