Thursday, July 16, 2015

The long weekend

When you think of that last getaway this month think light.
 My example is for a hot weather getaway.
A 6 day get away 2 of those days travel days. 
Find a fun getaway bag nothing to big. 
Here is a tip just pack 2 shorts an 4 tops that are interchangeable so you can have more combinations if you want different outfits on the same day. 
The travel days you can wear the same out if you just wear it for travel. 
(If you can't just plan to pack a second travel out fit)
 Try to pick the a pair of shoe that you that you can wear with all the out fits..
 Lady's if you can't do one pair of shoes try to keep it to two pairs. 
You can try an use trial size bathroom supply's an go light on the Make up 
A waterproof mascara will pop your eyes..
Good moisturizer adds that glow to  your skin.
Have a fun trip. 

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