Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas clean up πŸŽ„

Happy new year 
As i get all the Christmas decorations gathered up to pack up I'm finding that I need to sort out some stuff this year. 
It's kind of like the clothes. Buy if you haven't used it in a few Christmas πŸŽ„ I'm guessing your not going to. With our move to Ga. I have  had to get rid of some lights that would not light an now I'm seeing that there was some things left over that never made a showing. Time to go! Yep get out the sorting boxes πŸ“¦ keep,sell, giveaway, an the all famous throw away. Hopefully my tomorrow or Wednesday this crazy mess will be packed away till next year. Believe me there is a system to all the piles you see here. From lights to ornaments it's ready for me to did in. Now I just have to carve out a few hours to do the next step. Weeding out. Last step will be to pack it up and put it away.

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