Sunday, January 8, 2017

Puzzle pieces

We all some kind of soap and shampoo in the bathroom shower. Ladies if your are like me you do not always have the same shampoo and soap containers.My husband on the other hand does. So his side of the shelf is easy to keep up. Mine is always trial and error to get it all to fit. For instance I just changed my shampoo but when I went to put it away nothing fit. So I took everything out of the basket and rearranged it and than it all fit. All it takes is moving the shapes to fit the space. Kind of a round whole square peg effort.. There is no right or wrong cause each space is different. You have to just keep rearranging till it fits! I will say those big Sam's club bottles won't fit any where the best thing to do with them  is to save a smaller container just refill it. You can store away the big bulky container with other bathroom supplies. Be creative in what you use.
 We also got new toothbrushes an they did not fit what I had been using before. Though I will keep it as I do change toothbrushes more often. I like the old tooth brush container so I cleaned it up and stored it away it worth keeping to me. But the new container had to fit the big bulky bottom of two toothbrush's simple. For real we did this picked up the two tooth brushes and a tube of toothpaste just in case!!! I found a container in the office supplies I liked and others here and there till we ended up in a row of bathroom containers we tried each one I liked out with the brushes ( had to be a little creative)
as they where still in the plastic wrap. But we got it to work enough to choose a stone box, with a lid that I don't need but will use as a pedistal for a figurine I have in the bathroom. The only thing in common to my original holder is they both are stone. But it looks ok and it fit the job it needed to do.  
Happy puzzle solving!

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